Whatsapp Groups Zimbabwe



Etiquette is the set of conventional rules of personal behaviour in polite society, usually in the form of an ethical code that delineates the expected and accepted social behaviors that accord with the conventions and norms observed by a society, a social class, or a social group.

The following rules apply to WhatsApp users:

  1. PICTURES – If you ask for a picture from a user, you need to have provided yours FIRST! – Lead by example! There is nothing more annoying than a person that asks for a picture then fails to reciprocate.
  2. Your FIRST MESSAGE – Don’t you just hate it when a person you don’t know only sends a message to say just “Hi”….Who is this? what do you want? These are some of the questions you ask yourself. It is far much better to say “Hi I am Alex. Interested in you – can we chat?” …
  3.  Is it ever excusable to ignore a message? –  Would you straight-up ignore someone if you were standing right next to them and just get on with your own conversation? Probably not. Then don’t do it online; respect the question, acknowledge that someone has said a thing and find a suitable segue to get this chat where you want it to go.
  4. Sending Nudes – You find the opposite s_ex attractive and feel you want to show off your nudes. Sending nudes without the OK of the receiving party is not cool. For one some people leave their phones to be used by other family members, so at the time the kids may actually be in possession of the phone.

5.  Video Calling – Again this is something you want to ask for first before just calling. A person could be in the middle of a private moment or be in a surrounding they wish not to expose. The polite thing to do is ask for a video call before hand.